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This page will host information about my WordPress plugin – “Comment Spamtrap“. Please contact me to report any issues you see with this plugin. I would also be grateful to hear if people are able to successfully use this plugin on versions of WordPress earlier than 2.9.

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  1. About Comment Spamtrap –
    Installed to WordPress 291. I see you’re using it here, but correct me if I’m wrong. The description says the 2 fields are ‘hidden from browsers by CSS’ which tells me a human can’t visually see the 2 fields on the page – but like here – I do see them. With people being people somebody will try to type in the fields anyway. I can see it now: They see ‘thanks’ and decide to sign their name there instead. An honest mistake that causes their bonifide comment to be treated as spam. I changed the word ‘thanks’ to ‘do NOT type in these 2 boxes’. At least this warns people (not bots) to not type in the boxes.

  2. thanks for checking out the plugin. It seems my previous method for hiding these fields will not be compatible with all themes so i have now updated this. An update should be available very soon.

  3. Your plugin marks everything as spam, even though I’m logged into my own blog. I like this method of spam prevention, but this plugin clearly needs a lot of work before its usable.

    Dealing with spam is one thing, but I never want it to even remotely interfere with legit people posting. I’d rather turn off all spam measures before giving anyone of my readers even the smallest problem posting.

  4. I had the same problem as WS (though I plan to be nicer about it). :) All comments, including my own, wound up in the spam folder.

    As a temporary workaround, I removed the “thanks” variable check from the CheckSpamTrap function, leaving this: if (!empty($_POST[$this->sitevar.’_var_sorry’]) != ”) { $isspam = ‘spam’; }

    This allows real humans to post comments without false positives. I will watch it over the next few days and see if it also lets spambots through.

    Could this be a characterset issue, causing “thanks” in the variable to not match the hardcoded constant? Just guessing; php is not my forte.

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